You will get the best service in Egypt.

Royal Service is one of the best companies in its field because it has enough experience to make it distinguished in the labor market and management. Royal Service Company was established in 2012 and has 7 years of experience.

7 years of management and experience as Royal Service realized in them the customer’s need and how to ensure its safety and comfort, as well as the way of providing the service, and at the same time it has evolved from itself in the field of work so you will always find with us a good way in providing the service to gain your confidence and satisfaction.

This is what distinguishes us from our competitors and your satisfaction. It makes us happy to always continue with us and the continuation of the deal is a pleasure because the success of any company is not limited only to its financial return, but also depends on the strength and quality of relationships with the customer and the length of time.

We take deliberate and academic steps to implement our services in an ideal and distinctive way, because we take steps for the path of success, as we are keen that those who join employment have strict conditions and terms to confirm the seriousness and commitment of employment and labor management under the name of providing safety and service to the family.

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Royal service our teamwork
Royal service our team2

Why Royal service will be your family and home partner?

The foundation and success of any institution based on management method and teamwork.
Any choice depends on the reasons and advantages which made you prefer this choice over what compares to it.
The similar case is with us…
Why do you choose Royal service over its competitors to deal with?

It is for many reasons including:

  • Documented high quality domestic service Licensed headquarter which is subjected to investment law.
  • We have legal guarantees for the employments and all of our employments are honest and guaranteed.
  • Periodic following-up to our service, and you can easily communicate with us at any time during working hours or out of working hours also you can submit complaints and suggestions within live chat through the site or whats app.
  • We provide our service just once and there is no compact renewable fees also there is no limited period for worker residence “open period”.
  • We provide employment exchange service if it’s needed also there is free service and there is no fees.
  • Facilities in Commission payment, free services and monthly offers.
  • We have different ages and the longest period of residence without franchise maximum 3 months.
  • We have many choices while calling for the service also images and data can be sent to the client on Whats app in order to choose the appropriate specifications for the work and Put space forward for the client to give him free of choice of employment.
  • Provide your service on the same day which you request this is because we have a large database.
  • We don’t promise what we can’t achieve.


What do we offer our customers?

We provide foreign workers in Egypt and Egyptian workers and provide servants and workers, nannies and elderly babysitters, nanny’s, cleaners, drivers, nurses, security and guarding all of different nationalities, as well as Asian and African workers, including maids, baby sites, domestic workers and care for animals.

What is the level and culture of our company and our workers?

Because the strength and success of any system and institution derives from the people who work on them and where the accuracy and commitment and bear the pressure of work for success and excellence, we at Royal Service believe that our success lies in our team, so we provide you with a team knowledgeable, culture and thought befitting your level of service and the responsibility of your trust in us Who gets up and wants success does not talk about himself many deal with us and you talked about us.