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Common questions

1What distinguishes Royal Service from others?
The first Egyptian company licensed with a commercial registry and tax card with 8 years of experience, all its service with a trial period before contracting, the employment data is sent to WhatsApp, and all legal guarantees and health certificates are provided to the workers before joining the work with legal contracts and approval of receiving work to protect the client and worker dues.
2What are the nationalities available to you?
Many nationalities are available to come legally and with residence and from those nationalitiesEgypt - Sudan - Nigeria - Ethiopia - Kenya - Ghana - Richia - Indonesia - Philippines - Sri Lanka.
3What is the cost of your service?
Our service is not cost-effective because it depends on the type of tasks required (cleaning - childcare - nursing - elderly care) and on the work system (residence - non-residence)If you have any questions about the cost, contact us via that number 01022722283 to determine what has been mentioned of the required tasks and the work system, and you will be informed of the appropriate cost.
4How long does it take for me to bring the worker after the request?
The worker or worker is brought within 24 hours of the customer’s request to the service, due to the presence of a large database we have
5Is employment guaranteed and safe, and what are your guarantees?
And because every family, its safety, is our responsibilityAll our workers have been carefully and precisely chosen to be on the level of the client’s confidence in dealing with us. We provide various legal and health guarantees. We perform criminal and health checks on the worker before joining us, conclude a work contract between the worker and the company and sign an acknowledgment of receiving work during her enrollment with the family and provide the original of the ID card and arrived Enlighten me to prove the residential address on the ID
6Is it available to replace the worker if I need to?
Yes, it is available to replace the worker more than once with an open number of substitutions during the contract period, and the follow-up is done with the client until the worker who makes him feel satisfied with our service is obtained.