The sterilization and follow-up service is done with quality and professionalism.

Safe and world-class quality materials approved by the World Health Organization.

The materials used are free from unpleasant odors, especially on children and the elderly.

Sterilization is used on all surfaces, offices, kitchens, doors, knobs and all places that hands may touch to make sure that they are 100% clean.

Service providers with a high level of professionalism and practical experience in the use of disinfectants.

Sterilizers free from collateral damage and effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria.

We provide quotations for companies, factories and all public facilities Special discount for large areas

What are the materials used in the sterilization process?

Through our keenness to provide the best components for sterilization, disinfection and fighting the virus, in addition to our transparency in transferring all the details to you, the materials used are as follows: Alcohol 70%: The substance helps to completely eliminate and eliminate viruses and bacteria, and it is the main ingredient in the ingredients. Sodium chloride hypo 10%: The most important substance that is handled with great care, because it is used to sterilize surfaces, handles, chairs and furniture, to ensure complete sterilization. Peroxide 20%. 20% Mixture Materials: A group of disinfectants that help eliminate fungi and bacteria permanently, thus completely ensuring your place is sterilized. All materials used are of international standards and authorized by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

Are these materials safe?

All materials are effective disinfectants and contain medical sterilizers that do not have any harm, no annoying smell, and can be sprayed while the children are present, they are completely safe.

How long does the sterilization effect last?

Due to the use of disinfectant materials that lasts on surfaces after sterilization for a maximum of a month, please keep avoiding visits from people who are strangers from the home to prevent the transmission of the virus through them and to wash hands well.

How long does it take for sterilization inside the home?

If the area is 100 meters, the sterilization period inside the house takes about an hour.

What areas are covered in sterilization?

We cover several different areas, starting from 60 meters to 600 meters, and includes sterilization and disinfection of all places and large areas of apartments, villas, palaces, offices, companies, schools, hospitals and mosques, within the scope of Greater Cairo.

What about the technicians?

A specialized and professional team in the use of disinfectants and the device (spray machine), in addition to high experience as a result of dealing with these cases over and over again, and your rights can be fully guaranteed because all the technicians' data is fully registered and they have official contracts that guarantee the rights of customers. Technicians are determined to sterilize your home according to the area, and we can cover large areas.

We are working hard to provide the best service

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