Choosing employment from the offices of maids may be very important. You will get to know these professionals and trust them and depend on them in the cleanliness of your home, because there is nothing better than returning to a clean home. If you are looking for serviced office numbers, definitely you are in the right place, which provides you with a distinctive and highly professional service, because Royal Service is primarily concerned with customer satisfaction and comfort.

Services provided by the Royal Service maid's office

Maids and maids

We provide our services from different nationalities by residence and non-residence system, by day and by month, in addition to providing the services of Egyptian sanitation workers and workers who are trained and experienced in home and kitchen work of various ages and nationalities. We specialize in providing the most accurate and highest quality of cleaning services in Egypt, after more than 7 years of experience and dealing with customers in various regions of Cairo and Giza, we have all the requests of our customers, as well as providing all the guarantees and legal papers for workers in our services, in order to enhance the feelings of reassurance and quality At our customers, your comfort is our primary goal.

Baby sitter

Taking care of your children is a difficult task, especially if you are a working woman or you have many daily tasks that confuse you and affect your personal life, and because your comfort is the mission of Royal Service, we decided to provide our services, with the most important service for every working woman in Egypt, "Baby Sitter" for your children. Because we are experts in providing care services in various fields, we know very well the factors affecting the raising of the child, which is the family and the babysitter who is with him for the longest possible period, so we chose babysitters with great care and careful care, because the babysitter has a part in building the character of the child. At Royal Service, we have babysitters for children of various nationalities, which help in enhancing the language of your children, as well as their educational ability, in order to help your child perform his school meals daily without the need to return to you.

Home nursing

Everyone needs a home nursing service, and because we strive to provide all the services that the patient needs .. Therefore, we are the best home nursing office equipped with a qualified team with a degree of awareness of how to provide the required health care and support services to patients, in all forms of medical needs. Do not worry about your loved ones with us, they are in the hands of security, because we have a distinguished team of home nursing specializing in a lot of first aid and methods of patient care, especially those with chronic diseases or who need an assistant all the time, now you can focus on your appointments and your professional life, without Worry about your patient, we are here to serve him.

Laundry service for sofas and mattresses with a steam device

Royal Service Company specializes in cleaning home furnishings using the best steam cleaning machines The best shampoo for hygiene, sterilization, and color restoration for its beauty And without any damage to the fabric, and any difficult stains on it are removed by experts and specialists in dealing with various types of textiles All kinds of furnishings are cleaned (salon - corner - mattresses - dining chairs - curtains - carpets).

Sterilization and disinfection

Every home, company, hospital, office, clinic, factory, institution, whatever your location and location, you need strong sterilization and disinfection now, to maintain your security and safety and the safety of your workers from the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). All research and studies have proven that sterilization is able to protect the environment around the human being, from the risk of spreading the Corona virus for a long time, and with continuous sterilization, you and your workers are always safe. Therefore, Royal Service has decided to help you provide a disinfection and sterilization service for homes, companies, factories, hospitals and institutions large and small, through a professional team capable of sterilizing the place as quickly as possible and with the most accurate tools, so that your place becomes safe, without the need to disrupt work for a long time, take action And hurry up to request the service to preserve the lives of your success partners from the spread of the virus in its second wave.

Elderly babysitter

We know that there are many offices for elderly servants, but we are keen to excel, progress and reach the title of the best office for elderly servants, so we in the office of elderly sitters at home provide you with babysitters who are trained to deal with the elderly and accept their moods and have previously worked in nursing homes. Here we appreciate the private life and mood of the elderly, and the aches and pains they are exposed to due to diseases of aging and aging, so the elderly babysitter becomes the closest friend to the elderly, so do not worry about your loved ones with us, we offer love and attention before care, so we are superior in providing a service Elderly babysitter. The Elderly Babysitter from the Royal Service has many tasks, its tasks do not depend on staying next to the elderly and giving him treatment only, but also multiple tasks between (preparing and organizing meal appointments, accompanying doctor visits, following up on treatment appointments, changing diapers if necessary, assisting with movement and walking And moving to any place, attention to the psychological state and taking into account mood swings, arranging and organizing the house).

Why Royal Service be your family and home partner?

Licensed and registered administrative headquarters

Royal Service is the first licensed servicing office with an administrative and registered headquarters, subject to investment law, legal contracts and licensing.

Contract without renewal fees

The first maid's office in Egypt. The contract is made only once, and there are no renewal fees nor a specific period for the stay of the worker.

Legal guarantees and health certificates

Royal Service is a maid's office in Egypt that provides legal guarantees, criminal examination and health certificates before joining us.

Periodic follow-up of our services

You can communicate with us easily through live chat on the site, phone numbers, WhatsApp, or e-mail.

What about Royal Service?

Royal Service for Domestic Workers is one of the best offices for servants, housemaids, elderly babysitters, childcare and home nursing in Cairo, because we provide you with maids, maids and baby sitters of various foreign nationalities, as well as we are the first licensed and registered office with the Ministry of Investment in an administrative headquarters and a work team that always strives to improve The concept of domestic workers and their development.And because foreign workers are skilled, trained and experienced workers, Royal Service has allocated a department to recruit foreign maids from different countries, to be distinguished as an office for foreign workers (East Asia) and also (South Africa).