Royal Service is the perfect destination for choosing baby sitters as residents and babysitters

We appreciate your responsibilities inside and outside the home and your personal life as well as your priorities in raising your children properly and taking full care of their educational, educational and entertainment life. Therefore, we were able to gather the largest integrated team of babysitters and residents with children at a high level of professionalism, educational study and experience, in order to reassure you and include the life and future of your children, and because trust and safety is our first priority; We were keen to provide medical reports with health certificates and legal guarantees for all workers who are there.

The most prominent conditions and specifications of a babysitter at Royal Service:

Choosing a babysitter or a babysitter who is not resident in Royal Service, will not be randomly or simply accepting requests for those wishing to be appointed, but we are always keen to have special specifications and specific qualifications that allow them to be distinguished and specialized.

Examination and review:

In addition to the checks on our female workers, every profile of the babysitters who apply to work with us, or even the sitter by the hour, is reviewed by a team of our trained specialists and not just a computer, as happens with some other offices, and you can read more from here.

the background:

Examination of the criminal record, review of penalties and other watchlists for the caregiver of children, in addition to confirming and reviewing the scientific certificates obtained and the academic qualification obtained by the Royal Service babysitters.


At Royal Service, we make sure of the personal morals and behavior of the babysitter before accepting her papers to work with us, her intellectual and cultural awareness, and her way of dealing with parents and children.

Higher Qualification and Language:

One of the most important characteristics that a babysitter at Royal Service needs to enjoy is high qualification and mastery of the English language and sound pronunciation, in order to understand that she is the one who will be responsible for the child throughout the day, and thus she is the first influence on his life..

Awareness and resilience:

Dealing with children is a matter that needs special professionalism and flexibility, so that the child accepts the nature of the relationship and dealing with someone other than the parents, and this is really what the Royal Service babysitters are characterized by.

Strong emotion:

This profession is not as easy as some expect, because it requires a nanny to provide all the support and constant affection with the child, so we make sure during appointing an hourly babysitter at Royal Service to the availability of this feature.

Nannies tasks per month at Royal Service:

  • care:

In the first place, the resident with your child takes care of him and his protection inside or even outside the home, in case of going out with the family.

  • Stimulus

Children's skills always need to be stimulated and stimulated; So that they are fully prepared to do the study and sports tasks as well, and this is what you actually do while with the child.

  • Your time is valuable

You are busy all day, from preparing breakfast, cleaning, going out to work, returning to home meals and preparing lunch, you are working full time at home.

Because your time is valuable to be used, don't waste it on cleaning and tidying up 24 hours, if you have a regular worker who makes sure that your home is taken care of and cleaned, you can enjoy evenings together as a family.

  • Directing behaviors

Preparing for big occasions or feasts, it is impossible for a woman who has a husband and children and works outside the home, because it needs amazing planning and details that steal time from you, and it is definitely worth cooperating with your cooperation cleaner.

  • You hate cleaning

All parents currently complain about the child's behavior, which has become affected by many factors around him, and our child care providers understand this part and are keen to support the child's behavior by acquiring new skills and activities that help him improve behavior and keep him away from unwelcome means.

    The tasks of a month-old babysitter and a non-resident babysitter at Royal Service

    Child care is not only a matter of the child's material needs such as playing, caring for his hygiene and preparing food and drink, but also psychological and behavioral care. There are many Baby Sitter offices, but they do not have a complete child care concept, so be careful when choosing a specialized employment office for your child.

    And because your child is our hero, a meeting is held between the child and his caregiver in the presence of the parents before the start of work so that the child chooses his sitter, and this is done without any compensation to give the child and the parents the space for choice and satisfaction.

    If you are looking for a Baby Sitter in October or any residential area, you can be assured that our office helps you reach the perfect care provider for your baby.

    The essentials of the work of a Royal Service caregiver

    With kindergarten and older children an hourly babysitter has to bring a bag with all the tools needed to help cope with any emergencies you may encounter, and it is also a good idea to be prepared for games etc. to prevent young children from getting bored.

    Helping a child with homework is also a nanny's job, and it is a moment every parent has to face sooner or later. But this isn't just about parents; You may also find babysitters help the child with the homework.

    One of the most important tasks of Baby Sitter is Miley resident

    1- Bringing materials for arts and crafts

    Should a babysitter work and not know how to entertain him and make him influenced by her presence with him? Babysitting needs big suggestions, for example you may need some materials such as paper, scissors and signs to bring some unused items from the house that you can reinvent.

    2- Telephone

    In general, the sitter's phone should not be a tool of a god while performing her job, especially in a responsible profession like this that always needs focus, but in emergency situations it is necessary to be by your side, and this is how the Royal Service babysitters deal

    3- Setting a time for homework

    Setting a specific time to perform homework, helps the child to organize his day more effectively and becomes more effective in completing everything at the time of his intermittent homework, and this is what the female contractors to work with Royal Service understand and deal with the children of your family..

    4- Small breaks

    Pausing for a short period allows children to absorb more information and learn better, as well as allow the mind to rest. Taking a break of 10 to 15 minutes between changing topics, and a break of one to two minutes between exercises on the same topic, helps the child and the nanny to create a strong relationship Between them and he wants to be with him always while performing duties, and this is what our babysitter does at Royal Service.

    5- Adapt to the child's pace

    Each child has his own preferences and speed when it comes to studying and learning, and what matters most is participation and focus, and the babysitter helps the child to do this in a different and distinctive way, so that he feels adapted to his interest and method.

    6- Reward the child

    Working to always reward the child, whether to deal intelligently, understand lessons, complete his meals at an ideal time, or eat his whole food, is a fun and smart way that Royal Service babysitters deal with children, to give them full confidence in their abilities and to enhance love and understanding between them..

    7. Be patient and caring

    Royal Service babysitters have the ability to be patient, which is the required feature of success in the field of childcare, and as a babysitter for care, in any case, do not show that the child's behavior causes her anger, and tries to remain calm and talk with the child appropriately.