Laundry service for sofas and mattresses with a steam device

Better than the feeling of relaxing on a comfortable and clean sofa and watching a sweet movie after a long day? Certainly no .. Because cleaning the sofas and furniture is a difficult and effortless process, we have provided you with a laundry service for the sofas and mattresses, what is the service and how do you request it?.

Laundry service for sofas and mattresses with a steam device

It is a new service from Royal Service, which will help you to keep your home furniture clean, shiny and smelling fresh.
• Our sofas and mattresses cleaning service begins, with technicians and expert cleaning experts examining the furnishings first, to determine the type of fabric, its original color, its age, and the best cleaning method.
• After discovering the dirtiest areas, the cleaning process begins first by using special powders for the furnishings according to their type, so that the detergents used differ according to the type of brush.
• After treating stubborn stains, oils and dirt, a deep cleaning begins, with our Steam Upholstery Cleaning Machine and our cleaning solutions in the furniture, to expel the dirt from within the upholstery fibers.
Finally, we examine the furnishings with you to ensure your satisfaction and happiness with the service.
• Your upholstery dries within hours after a deep cleaning process.

Advantages of laundry service from Royal Service:

    There is more than one feature if you use the Entire Wash service from Royal Service, including:
    • Determine the best way to clean your furniture, to provide cleanliness and shine to the fabric, without any damage.
    • Safely remove dirt, allergens, stains, oils and all the bad aspects of your interiors.
    • No residue or stains are left in the sofa after the cleaning process. This is a difficult feature to find with any other means of cleaning, because detergents or other methods leave water stains or detergents in their place.
    • Steam cleaning. It dries up in a very few hours, depending on the type of fabric. After cleaning the upholstery with steam, the furniture is ready for use within 2 to 6 hours.
    • We guarantee you to extend the life of the upholstery, by using your own cleaning method and protecting it from damage by other cleaning methods.
    • After steam cleaning your furniture in your home, using our deodorant will leave the furnishings smelling fresh and clean, leaving your entire home fresh and smelling great.
    • It deals with all types of furnishings, including (cotton, polyester, microfiber, wool, linen), and each type has a different cleaning method and detergents, so that we can preserve the life of the furnishings.
    • A part of the upholstery is tested before starting the full cleaning process, to determine the best detergent and if the brushes can be cleaned.
    • Mattresses are washed in place

How to request a laundry service for chairs and mattresses

In more than one way to request the service and ask about all your inquiries, namely: For contact: 01287223589 - 01022722283 - 0238346881
And from the address: Sixth of October - Fourth District - Najda Square - City Mall
Or apply on the linkcall us