Home care for the elderly

The elderly always need the presence of someone close to them to take care of them and take their minds of them, and because the closest people to him are not always available by the nature of life and work, Royal Service facilitates the task for you and relieves the burden of providing an elderly babysitting service.

Tasks for Elderly Services Office In various tasks performed by a Home Care Provider for the Elderly from the Royal Service, including:
• Providing the sitter in the office of elderly babysitters at home, ideal care for the elderly, the elderly, those with chronic diseases and those with special needs.
• Able to deal with different moods of the elderly, because she previously worked for her in a foster home.
• The Royal Service babysitter is able to deal with all health conditions of the elderly and those including (bed sores, changing diapers, cannula fitting, blood glucose measurement, etc.).
• Pay attention to the elderly person's personal hygiene, change his clothes, and clean his used items.
• Provide a healthy environment and proper care during her stay with him.

conditions and specifications for home care for the elderly Before we work with any elderly sitter, we must make sure that some conditions and specifications are met, and among the most important conditions in the office of elderly babysitters at home are Royal Service:

1. Understanding
It is necessary for the elderly sitter to have a high degree of understanding, respect, appreciation and patience for the elderly, because she deals with the elderly, who naturally become more nervous and tense.

2. Personal hygiene
One of the most important conditions for us in a babysitter is that she should be clean and take great care of his personal hygiene.

3.Good behavior
A sitter should behave correctly and quickly in cases of emergency or health problems, and this is an important quality that we make sure that our babysitter has.

4. Containment and Friendship The babysitter must be able to form a friendly relationship with the elderly, because she is considered a member of the family, and she shares their daily life with them.

The Royal Service Elderly Babysitter has a great ability to withstand anger and behave properly in bad situations.